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Who we are

Divinely Restored Health & Wellness was founded in 2021 after a 20-year-long vision shared by best friends, Dr. Beckles and Dr. Trent, to impact the health and wellness of their community through a holistic approach of healing the body, soul and spirit. After spending their undergraduate careers together at UCLA, Dr. Beckles went to medical school and Dr. Trent to graduate school where they would establish themselves in their careers as a Family Physician and Clinical Psychologist, respectively, before resuming collaboration of the vision that God had given them to heal their community.

The result of their collaborative vision is a community centered practice with a value-based approach to healthcare intended to shift the community narrative of what it means to be divinely significant, divinely created, divinely restored, and divinely healed.


To deliver excellent and culturally-responsive healthcare to underserved communities.


To create a standard of healing where everyone is divinely significant, divinely restored, and divinely healed.


We practice love in action through the delivery of compassionate care and lovingly engage each person with dignity and respect.

We provide a sanctuary for community healing free of racism and discrimination. Welcome Home!

We believe that each person deserves the appropriate resources, unique to their set of challenges, to experience optimal health and wholeness.

We deliver the highest quality services by the most qualified professionals to our most vulnerable communities.

We seek to be authentic and trustworthy in our relationships with the people we serve and with our stakeholders.

Our healthcare delivery supports a legacy of intergenerational wellness in communities whose lives have been devalued by systemic inequities.

Dedra | Divinely Restored Health & Wellness

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & President

Dr. Dedra Beckles

Dr. Dedra Beckles, CEO and Founder of Divinely Restored Health & Wellness, is a board-certified Family Physician who obtained her Bachelor of Science degree from UCLA, her Medical Degree from UC Irvine, and completed residency at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center. She has been practicing medicine since 2002 during which time she spent 16 years in corporate medicine as a Physician Lead at Optum Medical Group before pivoting into the community medicine space. She is a well-regarded thought leader and a passionate stakeholder in the advancement of health equity and specializes in the delivery of culturally responsive healthcare across all areas of Family Medicine.

When she is not advocating for patients, Dr. Beckles enjoys traveling internationally and spending time with her husband, daughters, and granddaughter. She also enjoys quality girlfriend time and self-care spa dates with her bestie, Dr. Trent.

Adriana | Divinely Restored Health & Wellness

Chief Clinical Officer (CCO) & Vice President

Dr. Adriana Westby-Trent

Dr. Adriana Westby-Trent, CCO and Founder, is a licensed clinical psychologist who works in both clinical and academic settings. She has 20+ years of clinical experience: Fifteen years in non-profit and 8 years in the private sector. Dr. Trent has extensive experience working with individuals across the lifespan and is nationally certified in the Evidence-Based Treatments for anxiety, depression, behavioral issues, trauma, and substance abuse. Dr. Trent earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles, her Master of Arts degree in Clinical Health Psychology, summa cum laude, from California State University, Northridge, and her Doctor of Philosophy degree, summa cum laude, in Clinical Child Psychology from the Reiss Davis Graduate Center for Child Development and Psychotherapy.

Dr. Trent enjoys watching Korean drama with her adult daughter and taking an annual Trent-Beckles couples’ vacation.