Frequently Asked Medical Questions

How do I make an appointment with my doctor?

To schedule an in-person or virtual care appointment, call your doctor’s office or make an appointment online using our secure portal. If you’re a new patient, we recommend that you make an appointment right away so your doctor can get to know you and your health needs.

How do I cancel an appointment?

Please call the office if you need to cancel your appointment.

If it is necessary to cancel an appointment, patients are required to call or leave a message at least 24 hours before their appointment time. Patients who do not provide at least 24 hours notice when cancelling appointments will be will be subject to a $25 cancellation fee.

What happens if I need specialty care?

We have a network of skilled medical professionals in almost every specialty who are carefully chosen and will work closely with your doctor to provide the care you need. If there is a certain specialist you’d like to see, talk to your doctor. She will recommend a specialist based on your needs. The choice will also depend on your health plan’s coverage.

Which insurance plans do you accept?

We accept most HMO, PPO, and Medicare plans. To find out if we are members of your health plan, check your manual or call the office for assistance. We will also work with you to develop the best plan to treat your mental health if it is not covered by your insurance.

Do you offer health and wellness programs?

Yes! We offer a variety of programs to help you take charge of your health. These include health screenings and one-on-one education as well as various programs designed to engage your health within the community. Speak with your medical team and get up-to-date information about special activities on our website.

How do I refill a prescription?

The fastest way to refill a prescription is to call your pharmacy three to five business days before you run out. If there are no refills available, the pharmacy will call or fax your doctor’s office. In some instances, you may need to see your doctor before your prescription can be renewed.

If I have a billing question, what should I do?

You will be billed if the services received during your appointment aren’t covered by your health plan.
If you have questions about a billing statement, please call our Patient Support Center (562)299-5200 (Option 7).
General questions can also be directed to our Office Manager, Manuel Gonzalez (562)361-4934

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

Bring your health insurance card, photo ID and copayment, if needed. We ask that you pay all copayments at the time of service.

Frequently Asked Psychotherapy Questions

Why do people seek psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy (aka therapy) is a partnership between an individual or group of individuals and a professional who is trained to help people understand their thoughts and feelings and change their behaviors to align with what they want their lives to be about. People often consider therapy when they are struggling with their thoughts and feelings and/or when their behaviors are not in alignment with the kind of life they want to be living.

How do I initiate an inquiry for psychotherapy services?

Please complete the contact form on our website to help our team determine how to direct your inquiry. If you are a patient of Dr. Beckles, you can let her know of your interest in receiving psychotherapy services.

What happens after I complete the information on the website?

A team member will review your eligibility for services and contact you (via email or phone) to schedule an initial session with a therapist or provide you with a referral.

What happens during my initial session?

The therapist will ask questions and gather additional information about your primary concern(s). We invite you to come prepared with your own questions so that you and your therapist can determine if you are a good match for each other by the end of this initial session.

What happens after my initial session?

The therapist will make a recommendation for the type and frequency of service(s) they believe will best meet your stated goals or provide you with community resources/referrals.

What psychological services are available through Divinely Restored Health & Wellness?

We offer individual, couples, family, and group psychotherapy; clinical case management; workshops; and health & wellness activities.

Individual Psychotherapy:
Client and therapist work on a one-on-one basis to establish a trusting therapeutic relationship in which treatment goals and barriers are identified. Interventions are tailored to meet the needs of each client and to target barriers that get in the way of valued living. Individual psychotherapy is typically 53-60 minutes in length. Frequency of meeting will be determined by your treatment needs, in collaboration with your therapist.

Couples Psychotherapy:
Treatment for couples in an intimate relationship to target issues impacting the relationship. Couples sessions are typically 60 minutes in length.

Family Psychotherapy:
Treatment for the family that focuses on identifying and targeting specific issues affecting the family’s optimal health and functioning. Family sessions are 60-75 minutes in length depending on the number of family members.

Group Psychotherapy:
One or more therapists lead a group of six to 12 clients targeting specific issues including, but not limited to, grief and loss, anxiety, weight-concerns, and trauma. Group therapy can provide a network of support that individual psychotherapy does not. Group sessions are 60-90 minutes depending on the topic and size of the group.

Clinical Case Management:
Clients seeking psychotherapy services through our practice are screened for Social Determinants of Health to help identify barriers to optimal health. A clinical case manager helps clients obtain needed resources to improve the conditions in the environment that impacts health. The case manager may be your assigned therapist or another individual.

Our foundation offers a series of workshops and health and wellness activities (see description below) at no cost to our community. Workshop topics are selected with the needs of our community in mind. Upcoming workshops are listed on our social media pages.

Health & Wellness Activities:
Activities that promote healthy living such as health fairs, yoga, mindfulness meditation, dancing, and art are offered at no cost to our community. Health & wellness activities are listed on our social media pages.

Where do sessions occur?

You and your therapist will determine how you can best access therapy that is clinically appropriate for you. Sessions can occur on a private and secure virtual platform, in person, or via phone.

How do I get the most benefit from psychotherapy?

You and your therapist are responsible for developing and maintaining a safe and trusting working relationship. Therapy works best when you attend all of your sessions. Therapy often brings up difficult and painful thoughts and feelings. Individuals who are willing to learn how to open up to these unpleasant experiences, in partnership with their therapist, often begin to live more contented lives.

How do I know if therapy is working?

You and your therapist will develop tangible treatment goals to guide and evaluate your progress. Goals will be periodically reviewed and updated. Reaching your primary goal(s) is one of many important factors when deciding to end therapy.

What if I need psychotropic medication?

If appropriate, your therapist will refer you to a psychiatrist.

What if I’m experiencing an emergency?

Each client will develop a crisis and safety plan with their therapist at the start of their treatment. Therapists are available for mental health emergencies Monday – Friday 8 am – 5 pm by calling (562) 542-3600. Clients who are experiencing an immediate mental health crisis should call 911.

What if I have additional questions?

If you have questions that were not answered or you think would be helpful to reference on our site, please call (562)542-3600.

Virtual Appointments

Divinely Restored Health & Wellness is pleased to offer virtual appointments through or another HIPAA compliant platform.  Please call us at 562-542-3600 to schedule your virtual appointment. Our team is here to assist you with your appointment needs.

Hiring Information

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At Divinely Restored Health & Wellness, we treat our patients and our staff with respect and care for them like family. Join our team if you want to be part of an inclusive and energetic culture in an uplifting environment. We offer competitive salaries, benefits including 401K and excellent opportunities for growth and personal development. For inquiries, please contact Office Manager, Manuel Gonzalez.

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