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Divinely Restored Health & Wellness delivers culturally responsive healthcare addressing physical, mental, and social wellness to promote community health and healing.

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Health equity refers to having a fair opportunity for optimal health. It recognizes historical and contemporary injustices that are related to poorer health outcomes and makes adjustments to account for these imbalances.

Our current health care system is not equitable. It supports the ongoing devaluation of Black bodies thus Black people have poorer health outcomes in many health conditions compared to their White counterparts.

The systems and structures of oppression in America were erected and are being maintained to support its core value — the love of money. Creating a competing system that values the love of people can have systemic impact now and across future generations.

One of our core values at Divinely Restored Health & Wellness is to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. A committed action in service of this value is to deliver quality and equitable health care to a group of people who have been and continue to be marginalized and devalued in our nation.

Please partner with us as we forge a new path forward, united in love and purpose, to bring healing to a community of people whose bodies, souls, and spirits retain the legacy of an unjust society.

Your love gift of any amount and any frequency (one-time or monthly donation) will help ensure that those who are uninsured or underinsured have access to quality health care and community activities that promote health, wellness, and community healing.


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